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I Spy Mission Log - Entry 10/Team 2

From Anna's point of view things are working quite well.

Anna appears surprised about Billeter's offer, but responds that she's excited about the opportunity. She then looks a little depressed. When asked, Anna mentions "It's a big change; it would totally change my life."

Edmund has been silent while Billeter and Anna had been talking. Hearing Anna wavering on the offer, he tries his best to convince her. "This is a unique opportunity! A completely self-sufficient society, without any wants or needs on the outside world. And here, at Atlantis, you will really live your life-- with all the challenges and wonderment that being an actual part of nature brings."

Billeter nods. "You'd be a real asset. Being interested in elemental survival is good, but you seem to have many ideas specific to self-sufficiency at the small colony level. Your desire and background is rare. We'd really like to have you on board!"

Anna puts forth a scared smile and then sighs deeply. "This is all happening so fast. Let me think a while before I decide." Billeter shakes her hand and Edumnd leads her to the arboretum.

The geodesic dome is quite large, and inside the three levels of hydroponic plantings make for a jungle setting. The pair make their way along one of the paths traversing the crops to a bench. Seated beside each other, Anna takes in the wonder. Edmund takes her hand and expounds on the many positive aspects of living on the frozen continent.

Kerr acts surprised when Ian mentions 625's stunt with the radioactive leak. He believes that Ian may be trying to get him to blow his cover and then double cross him later on. Basically, Trust no one.

As for Ian's plea for help, Kerr answers "I'd be more than happy to pass any information out, just let me know who you'd like me to contact, and what you'd like me to say to them."

Looking around, Ian lowers his voice. "I was thinking you could talk to Hogan, as he appears to be your group's spokesman. If he has questions to test our resolve in getting out of here, we should pass them through you so as not to raise Billeter's loyal followers' suspicions."

Kerr uses this opportunity to question Ian, in subtle ways about what Billeter's policy is. Other questions include: What do they have that produces radioactive dust? How many members of "625?" Do you have a plan for escaping? You can't put 20 children in your pocket and sneak out...

Ian hedges about their radioactive agent. Either he doesn't know, or he's unwilling to say at the moment. He does say that there about a dozen members of 625. They had gone with Billeter to join in the self-sufficiency experiment, all interested in the concept and tenants of survival living. However, Billeter seems to have more extreme ideas.

And as for an escape plan, Ian doesn't have anything concrete. Useful information he does mention is that the base is powered and heated from an off-site geothermal steam generator, and that the airport houses two operational transport planes.

Before too long, Hans returns. Returning to the "trust no one" theme, Kerr asks the day shift doctor to run a narcotics test on Brennan.

Hans proceeds with a battery of tests, including narcotics, poisons, viral and bacterial agents, and other suspicious foreign antigens. Brennan's tests are all negative, except that Hans finds he has been sedated. Apparently, Hope had failed to mention this to him. Hans doesn't agree with Hope's decision, and lets the drug wear off in hopes of reviving his subject.

When she gets the chance, Anna meets with the team (Hogan and Thompson) and explains what's going on. Just in case the team is being listened to, she's subtle.

"I met Mr. Billeter, he's the guy that runs this place, he seems real nice, he's even asked me to join."

The other two give her quizzical looks. Jack then realizes what is going on and says that he's already swept the room and it's clean. The three discuss their options. Anna states that she's going to appear to distance herself from them, in order to be a better recruit.

Later that evening, Robert does come to. Hope wakes Michael in time to see the other roll off the medical cot onto the floor. Even being just awake Kerr realizes that Brennan's body did not accidentally drop off the bed.

The next sound is the clatter of surgical equipment being knocked to the floor. Brennan hops to his feet, wielding a scalpel in one hand and a surgical saw in the other. His back is arched and wrists are bent in classical knife fighting stance.

Hope moves slowly toward him, speaking smoothly and trying to placate him. Robert has the look of a scared animal. He clearly has no understanding of where he is, and does not appear to recognize Kerr. When Hope gets too close, Brennan makes a display of waving the knife in a quick figure eight only inches from her neck. He shouts to you both in some foreign tongue; obviously the intent is "Stay Back!!"

Anna Baragli Michael Kerr
Robert Brennan Col. Hogan Jack Thompson