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I Spy Mission Log - Entry 12/Team 2
(note: recently declassified by CIA R&D)

Michael doesn't recognize most of what Robert is saying, although a few words here and there are British English with a thick accent.

Trying to stay calm, Kerr speaks to Robert in a calming manner, calling him by his name often with the hope it might trigger him to remember who he is. Walking slowly towards the other man, Michael leads Hope by the arm behind him.

Robert bares his teeth now and again in an angry and confused snarl. He makes no hint of indication he understands your speach or identifies with his name.

After a few minutes of unintelligable banter, Hope makes a move to distract Robert. She slides the cot he had been draped on toward him. Startled, Robert drops his guard (and the scapel) to stop the cot from slamming into his legs. Michael siezes the opportunity to lunge at the other and take him down.

Hope is at the ready with an anasthetic needle and puts him under. "What was that all about?" Hope turns to Robert. "I really don't know," he replies. "The crash must have really screwed him up."

Making sure Robert is sufficiently drugged to keep him out for the night, Michael takes leave of the medical facilities and heads back to the barraks.

At dinner, Michael Kerr is noticeably absent. Anna and Jack are engaged in animated discussions about everything they've seen today. Hogan seems unhappy, and grimaces through most of the meal. When Jack looks for Robert's agreement on the luck they had finding Atlantis, the other strongly disagrees. After the preplanned argument, Hogan rises.

In a voice perhaps to loud, "Feel free to ditch Siple and stay. I'm finding a way off this iceberg as soon as possible," Robert then turns and stalks back to his room.


Back in the mens dorm, Hogan finds Kerr waiting. Kerr greets him, then asks "How's the room?" tapping a finger to his ear. Hogan takes his cue. "It's spacious and comfortable, but Jack may think its too hot," he shrugs. After making small talk for a bit and playing some cards, Jack shows up.

Hogan points to the corners, and Jack turns his scanners to silent mode. Sure enough, your "hosts" have finally bugged the room. Jack nods. Hogan, beligerant once again, begins. "Have you no profesional respect? We've been delayed by our mishap, and now you're going on tour of the base? You should be working with me to find a way out of here!"

Bantering back and forth for a while, your team puts on a good show. In the end it's Hogan's finality, "Get the hell out of here!" that puts it to an end. Jack and Michael adjourn to Anna's quarters.

The ladies visitor's dorm is clean. Michael tells the others (with Hogan listening in on his hidden ear-throat mic) about 625 and about how this faction, separate from Billeter's loyal followers, wants out. He also informs the team about Brennan.

Jack tells the others that he and Hogan have been listening around the clock to the bug in the mess hall. Things are pretty quite at night; so the two will spend tomorrow listening in on the three new bugs Jack planted today- the library/meeting room, metal shop, and stockroom.

Michael will have Ian show him around the facility, noting points of interest to 625's cause.

Anna will engineer some activity at school for the base children to give her an "in" as to what may be going on.

Anna Baragli Michael Kerr
Robert Brennan Col. Hogan Jack Thompson