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I Spy Mission Log - Entry 09/Team 2

Anna gives a tired sigh. "Sorry, I'm tired from the crash. I should go back to the guest dorms and check in with my friends." She then invites him back to their quarters to talk.

Edmund's smirk drops into a sad smile. Being a standard engineer type he's used to the big brush off. But before they part, she gives him a peck on the cheek and says, "We're still on for tomorrow, right?" Edmund nods and waves good-bye. Perhaps there's hope yet!

After a brief break for dinner, Kerr quickly returns to the men's medical facility. On his way back, he mentions to Hogan that he thinks the group shouldn't split up. "I rather worry that if we get separated, that they will be able to kill us. And Brennan's death could be easily hidden by the fact he is sick."

Hogan agrees, but says they should continue to stay divided between the men's and woman's dorms so as not to raise suspicion. The dorms are across the hall from each another, so the group could get back together quickly.

Being that Kerr really doesn't know Hogan, he's wary of how he reacts. However, Hogan's answers seem straightforward and in line with the heart of the mission objectives.

There is no news about Brennan. He is still overly disoriented, and is so panicky (doctor Hope explains) that she had to sedate him.

Kerr wants to keep on eye on Brennan, so he talks Hope into letting him stay with his friend through the night. He also manages to have her stay as well, for emotion support and being a doctor after all. Michael is worried that perhaps Brennan had been drugged. Perhaps Hope would be able to do a test for narcotics?

She performs the test but the results are negative.

They talk long into the night, with Michael working the Hope angle. What is the story she is told of what is happening here? Who is in charge of the place? Maybe when Brennan gets better, she could show him around?

Hope is part of the old school of CON, survivalist but not militaristic. She thinks the work and research that's being done at Atlantis II is very beneficial, and doesn't seem to be aware of any suspicious activities going on at the base.

She knows that in 1959 twelve countries proclaimed a treaty that prevents any territorial claims in Antarctica from being settled for 40 years. At the moment, no country owns land in Antarctica. But CON built Atlantis II so that in 1999 they will be able to claim part of the continent for themselves.

She believes that the base is necessary to CON's survival to provide its members with the necessities of life in case they are cut off from the rest of the world. This could occur if a world war breaks out and there is nowhere left to obtain supplies.

Hope says William Billeter, the famous arctic explorer, is complex manager. And while she would be glad to give you a tour, she works the long night shifts (when public areas are locked tight) and needs to get her rest during the day.

The remainder of the evening is spent discussing outdoor activities like hiking, spelunking, kayaking, survival techniques, hunting and others. Hope is animated in these discussions, and she seems to have a real passion for independent living.

Back in the men's dorm, Jack and Robert play a few hands of nine men morris, then Jack turns in. Hogan has agreed to stay up most of the night listening to Jack's bugs, waking Jack early to swap and get some rest.


Hogan's night was uneventful, so much so that it was difficult to stay awake-- between the near silence and the physical drain of the crash weighing on him. At five-thirty he thankfully wakes Jack and turns in.

Jack nibbles on some rolls he stored away at dinnertime. Later that morning, he hears Yang and his men outlining their plans for sweeping their plane crash site. Then all goes silent.

Later that morning, Anna is awakened by Edmund's light tapping on the women's dorm door. All the other women have already left for work. Opening the door a sliver, still being in her night clothes, Edmund explains that he can eat breakfast with her before his shift starts.

Anna quickly gets ready, and the pair head to the mess hall. Throughout the early meal, she expresses her interest in meeting and having a chance to talk with Billeter. Edmund says the complex manager usually has an open office hour free after lunchtime, so he'll stop by the dorm at shift break hour. With a smile, they part ways.

Kerr awakens to the men's clinic staff changing shifts. Hope leaves to be replaced by Hans. A few minutes later, Ian the day nurse, arrives with breakfast for Michael. Brennan's condition is unchanged, and this worries Hans. He puzzles over the wounded man's condition for an hour before taking his leave for a late meal.

While he's away, Ian confides in Kerr.

Ian knows of the 1959 multinational pact, and CON's Atlantis II cover story. However, he quietly exposes that among the Children of Neptune are a group of dissenters who disagree with Billeter's policies and have secretly joined together into a conspiracy against Billeter.

"625", as they call themselves, have been organizing acts of sabotage against Billeter's projects. They are responsible for "accidentally" releasing the radioactive dust up a chimney, thereby alerting the ill-fated Penguin One scientific inspection team.

Why is he telling you this? The members of 625 want to escape Atlantis II, taking the 20 base children with them. They're slipping this message to the Atlantis II visitors, asking to help them escape.

Soon after the shift break hour starts, Edmund and Anna are having lunch in the nearly empty mess hall. It is early yet for lunch; most of the staff wash up or read to relax a bit before jamming into the lunch crowd for their noon repast.

Throughout lunch, it is clear to Edmund that Anna can hardly contain her excitement at finally meeting the famous Arctic explorer, William Billeter. She seems to have a good many questions and theories to pose to him as well.

When finally Anna seems her most impatient, Edmund relents and takes her by the hand and leads her down the winding halls of the subterranean catacombs that is Atlantis II base, finally reaching a large conference room.

The door is open, and a guard stands watch outside. An older man with graying hair is leaning on his fist, apparently bored by the management reports being read by some of his subordinates. He looks up to the newcomers, and smiles. "Let's continue this later."

Edmund introduces Anna as the woman they'd been discussing. Baragali stores this bit of information away, but acts as if she didn't notice the comment.

They begin talking. Anna subtly espouses views that are similar to CON's and acts slightly naive and very eager. She hopes that he'll open up, maybe even let her in on the secret, or at least start looking at her as a possible recruit. Anna seems to make the best possible impression.

William Billeter addresses her with a smile and a comforting hand on her shoulder. "So, you'd like to stay and live with us at Atlantis II?"

Jack's attention perks up as late afternoon brings Yang's men back to the table. The found the plane wreck without much trouble, as the storm is finally abating. Their cover is safe for the moment; the search party found the cause of the crash seemed to be in line with Hogan's story. "So what are we going to _do_ with them?"

Anna Baragli Michael Kerr
Robert Brennan Col. Hogan Jack Thompson