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I Spy Mission Log - Entry 03A Addendum

Timothy McHale grumbles about needing to find someone who can fix his ticket all the way back to his hotel room (albeit not that far).

Once locked inside with the blinds drawn, Timothy uplinks his laptop to CIA HQ and the internet at large. Accessing the standard information stores and digging deeper into others provide fruitful.

Atlantis Enterprises is a publicly traded corporation, although nearly 70% of its outstanding stock is held by CON members. The company is indeed a natural foods and farming resources company, with nearly 200 privately owned franchises worldwide. Atlantis Enterprises has no subsidiaries or holdings, has the standard banking accounts for a corporation its size, various warehouses spread across the country, and even holds a few patents for alternative hydroponic planting techniques. Currently, there are no pending legal actions against the company, and the better business bureau gives them a B+ rating.

William Billeter is a former Arctic explorer who decided to cash in on his good name and accomplishments by hawking various dubious products. A dynamic speaker and shrewd businessman, he always managed to disband failing endeavors before marring his reputation, or his wallet. Most recently, he became involved with the Children of Neptune, and have been steadily guiding their mentality to the extreme survival mentality. Along the way, he has increased membership and revenues of CON worldwide.

Billeter has standard banking accounts as one would expect in respect to upper-level management. There is some indication that he may have accounts hidden from the US government. Currently, there are no pending legal actions against Billeter, although he and CON are suspected of an attempted Swiss counterfeiting scheme.

Miss Hemingway is a freelancer currently working with the UN subgroup dealing with aid distribution, in the form of financial, information, and tangible resources to impoverished or natural disaster stricken areas. She is on loan to the UN Security Council because of previous experience working with Billeter in the business world.

Hemingway has no outstanding criminal record, nor does she have the standard bank accounts, home address, or other information associated with living in the US. Successfully hacking into the local airline reservation system, Miss Hemingway has a flight booked this evening to Australia.

Agent Shadowcat (AKA Kristin Jones) is a freelance agent who specializes in urban infiltration, hand-to-hand engagements, and personal security. She has been known to dabble in corporate espionage, on occasion. She currently rents a modest apartment on the NE side of NYC, and has various banking accounts.

Shadowcat has no outstanding federal criminal record, although after extensive digging there is one Chicago cop who has been trying to make a case against her for a five years. She has had some dealings with the local mob in the past, although whether it was working for them or in a vigilante capacity is not clear.

Constructing an algorithmic trace for Kerr and Brennan, Timothy manages to track down their numbers where they can be reached in New Zealand. Brennan is surprised by the call, while Kerr actually address McHale when he picks up. The three agree to meet to discuss the mission.

Over dinner and drinks, McHale fills the other two in on his research. Brennan nods and says he's been polishing his arctic survival and putting together comprehensive survival kits. Kerr reviews his take on the others in the group.

"Sue Martin seems intent and driven; she will definitely be an asset to the team. As the mechanic, her skills may come in handy to create a diversion once at Atlantis II.

"Colonel Hogan is on the on the level; we'll get along-- as long as we don't get in his way. He seems to have more detailed information that what we were given; he's a good source of current information.

"Anna Baragli seems intelligent and quite resourceful. Overheard her and Hogan speaking-- she has apparently followed his travels. No telling what other connections she has.

"Shadowcat is definitely the wildcard, though her close ties with Miss Hemingway will probably become an asset once inside Billeter's domain."

After comparing notes, the three make sure they are prepped for the cold and well armed. Before calling it a night, they do some contingency planning (if you need to bail out on the mission, you'll back each other and bail together).

Early the next day, McHale stops by Hogan's room and invites him to work out before hitting the ice. The other gladly accepts and the pair set off on a crisp 5 mile run. Later, heading back to the hotel's workout mats, Hogan presses for a bit of sparing practice. It is clear he is a bit out of practice, but does well keeping up with McHale. After an hour of throwing punches and hard blocks, Robert calls it quits.

Smiling and glowing with a good workout, Timothy raps on a winded Robert's back. "What is your reaction to all of this? What is your relationship with Miss Hemingway?"

Catching his breath, Hogan towels off and replies. "I still think this is primarily a scouting mission. Penguin One surveyed the place well, but very few of their observations made it back to Ellsworth. Sue Martin's suggestion about splitting the team may have merit; as does a cover other than more SCAR scientists. My satellite recon indicates the radioactive cloud was a localized occurrence, and the cloud doesn't seem to be growing.

"As to Miss Hemingway, she was at the safehouse talking with Zeb when I got there. There is something motivating this Billeter guy, and I think she knows what it is. I don't know anymore about her than you do. Oh, the wink was just 'cause she's cute." Hogan smirks and shakes his head.

Blotting his barely flushed forehead, Timothy continues. "What gear will you be bringing? Do you think a Barrett Model 82A1 is worth schlepping?"

"In addition to my standard equipment I've got an An/VDR2 radiact meter, several An/PDR7 personnel meters and the dose reader. Just to be sure. As to your question, given the dead of winter with -90 degree temperatures, I doubt the 1.5 mile range will have any value. This is going to be an 'up close and personal' assignment."

McHale then fills Hogan in on what he's learned from last night's investigations. The pair split until they regroup at the airport.

Tim McHale Michael Kerr
Robert Brennan Col. Hogan