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I Spy Mission Log - Entry 03B Addendum

Just hours prior to his afternoon flight, Timothy McHale engages in some last minute research. Delving on-line through CIA knowledge bases and foreign intelligence agencies was not as productive as he had hoped. Neither was contacting CIA and US military personnel he knows.

Angus Chen is the goalie for the NY Metrostars (MLS). He was born in Cleveland Ohio, into a wealthy family. His bank accounts and lifestyle reflects that of a rich republicrat, and income as a sports star. He hasn't a criminal record, nor are there any legal cases against him. He has no history of espionage related work.

There is no information on one Jack Thompson.

Reviewing his notes from his earlier research, Timothy makes a secondary search on Billeter's accounts that he "may have accounts hidden from the US government." He is able to crack a few account numbers through some bank backdoors he knows of. Piecing together the picture, he's trying to figure if Billeter's profiting off of this whole thing personally. (A little division goes a long way in this business...)

Unfortunately, it seems to be just the opposite. The accounts seem to be a nestegg should some sort of disaster strike CON's primary source of income-- proceeds from the Atlantis Enterprise franchise.

Tim McHale