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I Spy Mission Log - Merry Christmas!

The storm outside Whiteout base has let up for the most part. It is still snowing, be it only lightly.

Inside the compound, most of team one are resting in their quarters; Anna in the women's dorm, and Robert H and Jack in the men's dorm. Robert B has dozed off on the examination cot, while Michael converses with the doctor.

From within a mile away, Sue and Kristin huddle in their sleeping bags while Timothy stands watch. He checks in with his contacts back home then scans the base for movement, trying to establish their routine.

Panning to the top of the iridescent dome, he finds some sort of vehicle which wasn't there a moment ago. Ropes unfurl from it into the dome, and many shapes can be descending within.

All of a sudden, sounds of gunfire can be heard from the center of the underground base. Anna immediately stirs and cracks the dorm door to see the posted guard has left. A stream of people are running toward hydroponics. Those in the men's dorm seem to have had a bit too much to drink and are sleeping it off.

Looking toward the double-doors of the dome, Anna finds one of the solid doors open. A few wounded are scattered in front of the door, and some sort of barricade has been erected behind it, shielding the attackers. All the while more of them are repelling into view from the roof beyond.

As the fighting grows fiercer, the base incumbents are forced back. Now in the light of the hall the invading horde can be seen as wearing strange garb. Green hats and tunics, brown leggings and red pointed shoes.

The fighting becomes even more intense. Fires break out in quarters and storage areas on both sides of the hydroponics dome. Screams of pain ring throughout the echoing hallways. "Who are you?" Some where behind them can be heard "You've been very naughty this year!"

Timothy had expected a clean-up team to be called in, but not without warning or so soon. He doesn't take kindly to having his mission snubbed.

Keeping a close eye on the situation, he sees fires alight in different areas of the base. Then, after awhile, almost as quickly as it began, the horde climbs back into their ride. As it takes off (unbelievably, there is not nearly enough room) Tim swears he hears bells.

And as the odd vision disappears, a yell and whoop was heard that night, "May ye curse 'em all and have a hellishly cold night!"

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