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mchale portrait Name: Timothy McHale
Known Aliases: None
Profession: CIA Computer/Security
Specialties: Computer and electronic security, BS CompSci/CivEng, ex-Navy SEAL
Current Base of Operations: Laurel, MD
Known Associates: None
Height:5' 11" (180 cm)
Weight:190 lbs. (86.5 kg)
Birthplace:Shrewsbury, PA
Relatives:Mother, father, sister, brother

History of hacking, starting with the Penn State computer system. It we decide to give him access to our systems, maintain Level 4 security observation on him at all times. (You know, you guys will get ulcers if you keep worrying about things like this. - Tim)

Heavy reliance on firearms. As he has completed SEAL training, we assume this is because of a dislike of close combat, rather than lack of ability.

Very strong ties with the NSA and CIA.

Distinguishing characteristics: some sort of tribal tattoo on the right shoulder, back and neck. Missing tip of left pinky.