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Document Archive - File 2

Character Portrait Questionnaire
provided by Shadowcat

This questionnaire is from an artist friend of Shadowcat's who is having fun making portraits of the I Spy characters. If you'd like to have a portrait done (subject to time constraints, etc.), please fill out the following questions (or as many as possible), and send the answers to Shadowcat.

Q&A For character portraits

Sex -
Age -
Height -
Weight -
Build -
Eyes -
Race -
Complexion -
Hair color -
Hair style (description or example) -
Typical attitude -
Distinguishing features -
Costume/Clothing -
Typical Equipment -

Is there an actor/actress who looks like your character? Who? (and which role?) (example - Harrison Ford in Patriot Games, Elizabeth Gracen in Highlander, etc..)

Anything Else? (Tell me what you see when you see the character in your head...)

In all cases, you can use examples that would be commonly found in most homes (Characters in currently broadcast shows or reruns, hairstyles and clothes found in common mailorder catalogs - LLBean, Eddie Bauer, Victoria's Secret, anything else that they tend to mailbomb homes with.....:)