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I Spy Mission Log - Entry 12/Team 1

In hangar one, Sue checks out the small cargo plane and finds it in well-maintained order, fueled and ready to go. Kristen sabotages the helicopter and Sno-cat so they won't function, as well as planting hidden command detonation charges to destroy the vehicles and their passengers. With Sue's help, the pair roll the fuel barrels away from the plane; Kristen sets more charges.

The team proceeds to hangar two to mine the place. All three vehicles within are sabotaged, and rigged with explosives. Upon Tim's prompting, they dispose of the giant guard's corpse in an empty fuel barrel, and place it in the midst of other rigged drums.

After going over the explosion patterns within the two hangers, the team heads back to the hydroelectric rig. On they way back, "Ying. Are you there Ying?" crackles over the radio taken from the airport guard. Fearing earlier, rather than later detection, team one quickens their pace.

Back at the rig, Sue suggests planting explosives outside the sheet metal building, as the day-shift's hydraulics engineer would more than likely spot and alert the base proper to suspicious devices on the turbine casing within.

Kristen takes the cue and sets charges on the steam pipe leading to the main base, on the wall behind the transformers under the snowline, and on the mechanism of the geothermal pump. Satisfied, the three turn and head toward the base proper.

Following the steam pipe to the base, the team has the choice of heading toward the north vehicle ramp, or the eastern ramp. They choose east, as it is farther from the well lit geodesic dome and closer to the two antenna towers. As they approach, they see exhaust pipes rising out of the snow and more fuel barrels.

While looking around, the sound of machinery suddenly awakened fills the air. Out from the eastern ramp, a snow mobile with a single occupant speeds off toward the hydraulics building. Then all is quiet.

Taking every precaution, Kristen waves the team to stop. She breaks out her specialized sensor detector goggle apparatus and slowly, carefully scans the area. Many fuel oil barrels stand on the surface of the snow surrounding the main complex. Three of the oil barrels are really infrared surveillance cameras.

Even though the storm has nearly stopped, the stationary team is shielded by their solar reflective tarp. Using specially reflective translucent wraps Kristen brought for specifically this purpose, she binds each "hotspot" on her team members, as well as herself. Scanning and rescanning with her equipment, when satisfied the three slowly pack up the tarp and head toward the eastern tunnel ramp.

Nearing the packed tracks leading down to the ramp, something goes terribly wrong. Machine gun fire sprays at the team from one of the supposed "fuel" barrels, in three uneven, sporadic bursts.

Kristen, light on her feet as ever, and aided by her enhanced adrenal response, is able to dodge out of harm's way. Tim and Sue are nearly as lucky. Tim's danger sense kicks in, and the sound of the gun sliding out from concealment snaps him into action. He dives forward, taking Sue down with him.

After the machine gun fire stops, the pair assess their situation. Tim is holding his right bicept, where a stray shot grazed him. Sue is gritting her teeth and blinking back tears of pain, holding where her right shoulder and neck meet. Although her suit is bulletproof, the impact from the heavy machine gun was still quite impressive.

Over the dead guard's radio can be heard, "Dammit Zola. Go out and check on that haywire gun. Third time this week it's misfired and jammed."

Shadowcat Tim McHale Sue Martin