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I Spy Mission Log - Entry 06A/Team 1

Safely on the ground, Kristen is first to touchdown in their predetermined dropzone. Having landed successfully, she buries her parachute and adjusts her nightvision gear for complete darkness in time to catch Tim's shimmering parachute land not far away. She gathers together her gear and heads over, trudging through the snow to help with his chute.

"McHale - I haven't been able to raise Martin on the radio. Did you see which way her chute went?"

McHale indicates the direction Sue Martin was heading when she jumped last from the plane, and starts walking that way with Jones.

As the pair search for their other team member, Jones continues. "I had some thoughts about our next steps... I don't think we should call in to Zeb, or anyone else; we don't know where (and in whose organization) the leak(s) is."

McHale nearly has to shout "I agree with you" to be heard over the roar of the storm. Jones goes on. "We should also check in with team two to make sure they landed safe, and I think we should tell them to say we got blown out the hatch in the explosion., if they're asked." McHale puts a no-nonsense arm on Jones' shoulder. The move supports both against the winds and makes for easier conversing. "Good idea. Works for me and breaks the chain between us and them." Jones is slightly uncomfortable by the physical contact, but it really does make things easier. "With this bad visibility, we shouldn't go near team two. We can't watch over them anyway, and we might run into search teams (if there are any). I think we should just go towards Atlantis II, and then hang out until either team two contacts us, or the weather clears and we can do our own recon." Nodding deeply to be plainly visible, McHale agrees. "Very good plan, assuming Martin is in one piece... Also, here's the environment: "It is currently winter on the continent, which means there is continual darkness in most places south of the Antarctic Circle. The average temperature on the coast is -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Any overland traveling is extremely hazardous. The extreme cold tends to jam conventional weapons. Trigger guards prevent mittened hands from pulling triggers. Bare flesh begins freezing after one minute of exposure to sub zero temperatures, and bare skin freezes to metal. The agency recommends that agents avoid outdoor battles entirely. "I spoke to the Arctic guys and prepped my weapons for extreme cold (clean and oiled with non-freezing solutions). Also, the 'gloves within mittens' plan will keep hands from freezing and sticking. I am expecting discomfort, but not anything tragic happening as long as fights are kept short (or avoided entirely). Laying low and observing from a secure, warm, hidden location is best for us." McHale feels Jones nodding against his arm. She asks, "By the way, I've got the satphone, a couple silenced Glock 20 pistols, some knives, a first aid kit, and my B&E tools... What weapons you got?" McHale answers with, "My weapons are a H&K Mk 23 MOD 0 with laser sight and silencer (.45 cal pistol), a H&K PSG-1 with Starlight and regular scope (7.62mm sniper/automatic battle rifle, not a lot of good in a blizzard but in clear atmosphere I can make Oswald look like a chump), a H&K MP5 .45 cal ACP (SMG that fires the same ammo as my pistol but not silenced, dammit), a Mirage Xct (ceramic survival knife, no metal strip in handle). "Everything has been prepped for cold weather. I have three ammo clips for everything and web gear to securely carry all this. I also have my computer and a digital camera. "Most important is to get Martin and get into shelter fast. Then we give team 1 a chance to do their thing. Also, walking out of here is NOT an option. Can you operate a snowmobile?" After the last exchange Jones stops in her tracks. "Good Lord! Got enough firepower??? I thought this was supposed to be a recon mission..." she says with a smile. "Hmmm. Snowmobile? If it's anything like a motorcycle, I should be fine." McHale shrugs. "This isn't a lot; its just a pistol, a rifle and a submachine gun. Too much detail, perhaps; modern weaponry is a hobby. "Besides, I have no emotional attachment to any of this hardware. If I need to, I can (have and will) just chuck it all. Let somebody find it in spring. I just hate the thought of being uncounted miles from nowhere and find myself wanting more gear. Remember the Boy Scout motto. "About the snowmobile, if you can work a motorcycle, you'll be able to make one go. Thumb activated accelerator on right handle. No brakes. Just lean into the turns to keep it from flipping and take it easy." Figuring now that some decisions have been made, and the two have stopped anyway, Jones gets McHale to help with cranking up the satphone and tries to contact the others. "Team One to Team Two. Please give us your status..." She can make out Hogan's response, but storm conditions threaten to cut communications at any moment. "Team Two here. The eagle has landed." Pause. "One minor injury, but everything is stable. Over." "Team One to Team Two. If you run into anyone who asks where we are, tell them that we got blown out the hatch in the explosion. "Will check in again in two hours. Team Two out." After Jones packs up the satphone, she finds McHale rummaging through his gear. "Stay put for a few minutes; I'll scout ahead for Sue." Jones arranges all of her gear at her feet, minus the combat knife and first aid kit she's bringing along. She then clasps her hands and lowers her head, as if she's meditating. After a few moments of concentration, Shadowcat steps up from being knee deep in snow onto the fresh snow ahead-- and surprisingly leaves footprints only a few inches deep, darting off in search of Martin! Staring off after Jones, Tim consults the GPS some time later and locates their position a mere three miles from Atlantis II. Shadowcat is startled by the sight of Sue, below the snowlevel in a hard-packed circular area erecting one of the survival shelters from the plane. She seems underdressed in her winterized leather catsuit, but doesn't appear cold, even though it is pitch black and searingly frigid. Working quickly and unaware she is being watched, Sue seems quite a bit more well defined and muscular than she had on the plane. Losing her concentration, Kristen immediately sinks back down into the snow. As the haven from the storm is completed, Martin notices Jones and waves her over. Jones walks over and fills her in on team two and McHale. She then leaves to lead McHale to the shelter, deciding to take long way back-- trudging through the snow. McHale thought for sure his eye's weren't playing tricks on him, but when Jones returned slogging and nearly covered in snow, he wasn't so sure. Jones had found Martin and she was all right. In fact, she had put up a shelter. Picking up her gear and walking with McHale to Martin's shelter, team one is reunited.

Shadowcat Tim McHale Sue Martin