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I Spy Mission Log - Entry 05 Addendum/Team 2

Given five minutes to check out the cockpit, Jack is able to identify the control device used for the sabotage. Even though it's hardly important now, he thinks to himself. Definitely an inside job. And pulling open one of the larger pilot storage lockers he finds another of the crew. Strangely, the guy still has his killer's calling-card weapon stuck through his chest, as though it was meant to be found. Jack doesn't recognize the markings, but someone in back might.

On his way back, all thoughts are interrupted by Hogan, "Fasten all safety harnesses and assume crash positions!"

Hogan does manage to land the plane, as well as can be expected with a damaged craft and whiteout visibility. The landing is rough, to say the least, and Brennan is left dazed after knocking his head against the side of the plane during set down.

Several small fires break out. Team one is contacting you with updated information. What to do!

Anna Baragli Michael Kerr
Robert Brennan Col. Hogan Jack Thompson