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I Spy Mission Log - Entry 03A Addendum

Ms. Baragli excuses herself and heads straight for the local Vatican subsidized Catholic church.

After kneeling, praying, and lighting a candle in memory of those who've gone on before, Anna steps into the Confessional and tightly seals the door.

"Forgive me father for I have sinned."

The elderly pastor intones, "How long has it been, child?"

"It has been three days since my last confession. Since that time I've joined with intelligence agents from around the world..." Anna hears the distinct click of a recording device from beyond the screen.

" order to investigate, and respond to a potentially world wide threat from a Mr. William Billeter and his organization, Atlantis Enterprises."

"Go on," replies the priest.

"I feel I can't do this alone, and I'll need help from the highest levels.

"I need information on Mr. Billeter, his organization, and an associated organization, Children of Neptune. I'll be traveling to Antarctica, specifically the US research base Ellsworth, and probably meeting this Mr. Billeter. Anything that could help get me closer to him would be very helpful."

"I see. And what else do you ask?"

"I'd also like an effort started to get information about Atlantis Enterprises affairs in Antarctica. Either through to standard passive means of confessional and familial observation of AE and CON personnel worldwide, or through placing an agent in their employ. It's too early to send a strike team to one of their facilities, but it's worth keeping in mind for potential use later.

"Also tell Father Nunzio that it's a good idea to start assembling the strike team and transport in Argentina. Keep it subtle for now, but Heaven knows when they'll be needed.

"I think I'm also going to need a cover and enough information and training to pull off a cover as a research scientist that would have a reason to be down in Antarctica.

"I'll need some electronic monitoring equipment for radio transmissions and the like. I'll need cold weather clothing, and equipment to match my cover position. I'll be out of contact for a while, so I'll need an emergency method of communications, just in case."

"Seven hail Mary's and confess again in two days for forgiveness and guidance." Click.

"Thank you father."

Before leaving, Anna realizes that it might be a while until she gets back for decent food, so she goes out for a good Italian dinner with a nice espresso. Expensive and rare, here in New Zealand, but well worth it.

Also, figuring that people at any Antarctic base have been away from society for quite some time, Anna purchases some things for minor bribes. Five pounds of good coffee in small bags (with some stowed for herself) and a few packs of cigarettes.

Anna Baragli